Vintage and burlesque photography are two of our favorites categories. There is something special about the old days; the clothing, the make-up, the hair styles, the accessories, the whole vibe of it. This is why BSP has equipped itself with a VERY large selection of backdrops and props from all the way back in 1920s until today's modern "bubbly" and very colorful style.

Vintage photography can be anything from quite some time ago. All you have to provide is the clothing and we will do our magic! We can turn you and your wife into a classic romantic second world war scene for example! Or maybe a photo straight out of an old Coca-Cola ad, your imagination is the only limit.

Burlesque photography can be as much from the past as it can be very modern. Our burlesque  photo shoots are decent and of good taste but a sexier version of the vintage photos. You remember those old 1940s photos by Gil Elvgren? Exactly that! You always dreamed of becoming one of those famous WW2 Pin Up girls? Now's your chance! Please note that our burlesque photos remain private property of the clients, which is why we cannot display many examples here.

All our photo shoots include the post-production work to make every single one flawless. On a budget? No problems at all! We are one of the most affordable companies on the market!

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Vintage and Burlesque


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Please note that most of our burlesque and boudoir photos remain private property of the clients, which is why we cannot display many examples here.