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Family, kids and babies

These few pictures are just some examples of our services as BSP adheres to the outmost discretion and privacy ethics. Most of the family pictures we provided services for fall under our client/photographer non disclosure policy.

Family pictures play an important part in the memories we all cherish over the years.  Whether you have kids or not, we can help capture that unique point in time.

  • A romantic picture of yourself with your wife/husband would look great in a frame!
  • What about a good picture with the grand-parents, parents, kids and grand children?
  • Your family just got bigger? We love baby pictures! They grow up so fast so why not snap a picture of them now?
  • No kids yet? No problems at all! Maybe a picture with your boyfriend/girlfriend and pet?

We even have a large selection of backdrops and accessories made specifically for children! A great feature of our family photography services is our mobility. Instead of getting the whole family dressed up and go to the studio at the local mall, we come to you! All our equipment can quickly be installed at your location with minimal space requirements. There are multiple advantages : the children will feel more at ease in their own environment, we can take a break if the baby requires attention, you can change half-way the photo shoot, etc.

All our photo shoots include the post-production work to make every single one flawless. On a budget? No problems at all! We are one of the most affordable companies on the market!

Contact us anytime to get a quote and book a date!