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About BSP Studios

A Logical Continuity

BSP Entertainment came to be after merging BSP Studios with Black Spark Productions in order to provide services that complete each other. Black Spark Productions was already providing amazing music services and BSP Studios was covering the professional photography aspect of events, it was a perfect match.

Expertise and Equipment

There will always be memorable milestones in life to remember and sometimes it takes an expert eye to catch the essence of that unique moment and stop time for an instant. This is where BSP Studios come in, we specialize in a large spectrum of photography styles: family photos, pictures of your little one, unique wedding pictures, music band live events coverage, corporate events, sports events, vintage photography and even burlesque! We have a very large selection of equipment, backdrops and accessories including the latest studio equipment to bring life to your vision. We also use the latest professional softwares on the market in order to make every picture close to perfection.


Getting the whole family dressed up to go to the photo studio can be nice but we have better, we come to you! All of our studio equipment can easily be installed at your place for an afternoon of photos in the comfort of your own place. All it takes is some floor space and we take care of the rest. We will make the best of small locations and turn it into a complete studio in no time! You would like a professional photo booth at your event? Let us know, we'll be there in no time!

"Very professional photographer, exceptional pictures, generous staff, I would recommend BSP to anyone. Memorable results and memories"

Jean-François and Genevieve Olivier, Quebec city

"A gigantic thank you to Simon for his great work with our pictures. He really was able to capture the uniqueness of our relationship and do justice to the fabulous day we had."

John and Lili Barnett, Trenton